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Four kinds of JIS G3445 steel pipe laser cutting methods

2022-02-10 17:52:41

JIS G3445 steel pipe laser cutting is one of the hot cutting methods of laser cutting machine. JIS G3445 steel pipe laser cutting uses high power focusing and irradiation to cut parts. After a series of chemical reactions, the material is melted to achieve the effect of cutting.

1. Melt and cut

In laser melting, part of JIS G3445 steel pipe workpiece is melted and the melted material is ejected by air flow. Because the transfer of the material occurs only in the liquid state, the process is called laser fusion. Laser melting cutting can achieve higher cutting speed than gasification cutting.

2, vaporization cutting

In laser gasification cutting, JIS G3445 steel pipe surface temperature rises to the boiling point speed is very fast, to avoid melting due to heat conduction, so that some materials evaporate into steam and disappear, some materials are auxiliary airflow from the bottom of the cutting and blown away. Very high laser power is required in this case.

3. Controlled fracture cutting

The so-called controllable fracture cutting is to achieve high-speed controllable cutting by heating the laser beam of various metal laser cutting. In the cutting process, the laser beam heats the brittle material in a small area, resulting in a large thermal gradient and serious mechanical deformation in the area, resulting in cracks in JIS G3445 steel pipe. As long as a balanced heating gradient is maintained, the laser beam can guide the crack in any desired direction.

4, oxidation melting

Melting is generally used inert gas, the material is ignited under the irradiation of laser beam, and intense chemical reaction with oxygen produces another heat source, so that JIS G3445 steel pipe further heating, known as oxidation melting. For structural steels of the same thickness, the cutting speed obtained by this method is higher than that obtained by melting method. However, the quality of JIS G3445 steel pipe may be lower than that of melted steel tubes.

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